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What Causes Premature Wrinkles On The Skin?

Wrinkles is not what we can run away from and that one day as we grow older we will all have it. Sometimes wrinkles can appear faster than it should have. Sometimes ago I wrote on what causes wrinkles, in this article, we shall look at what causes the skin to wrinkle faster otherwise known as premature wrinkles.  
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 What causes premature wrinkles?

Essentially, what causes wrinkles are basically aging and environmental circumstances or damage. The first is beyond your control as you cannot stop yourself from growing old. The other to some extent can be controlled. Below are some of the causes of premature wrinkling of the skin.
  • Skin type: the type of skin that you have will determine the rate at which your skin wrinkles. For instance, dry skin wrinkles faster than oily skin. Also a dehydrated skin ages faster than a well hydrated skin. Generally, people with dry skin usually get wrinkled skin earlier than expected.
  • Sun’s exposure or damage: Remember in the introductory part of this article, I stated that premature wrinkles is largely as a result of aging and environmental damage. Sun’s exposure is part of that environmental damage I was referring to. Sunlight is known to cause4 damage to collagen and elastin in the body. These are proteins needed by the body which help to keep the skin together. The destruction of the skin caused by the sun is called photoaging.
  • Smoking: Despite the fact that smoking causes cancer or affects the lungs, it can also affect the skin. How? Smoke from cigarette is known to contain chemical which damage the collagen and elastin In the body. Remember I stated that these proteins are needed by the skin. When these proteins are damaged, wrinkles can start to occur. This can lead to premature wrinkling of the skin.
  • Hereditary: Wrinkles have also been traced to hereditary. This account for the fact that some people age earlier or have wrinkles earlier than others, even though they may not involve in activities that causes wrinkles. But, they will get wrinkles faster when they involve in such activities. So, you are likely going to have wrinkles early if your mother or father has them early.
  • Yoyo dieting: Yoyo dieting which is also known as chronic dieting is another cause of premature wrinkles. What is yoyo dieting? In a simple way, it is the process whereby an individual involves in repeated weight loss and weight gain. These repeated body changes can cause wrinkles. For instance, when the body gains weight, it stretches and this can affect its elasticity especially when the collagen and elastin has been damaged or has weakened. On the other hand, when the body loses weight, it sags.
  • Werner’s syndrome: This point should have been tied or talked about under hereditary. But, I decide to separate it to make it stand out or noticeable. Werner’s syndrome is an inherited disease. This disease causes rapid aging thus making people who are suffering from the disease to look far older than they would have been.
  • Repeated facial movement: Whether knowingly or unknowingly, we sometimes make faces. These facial expressions cause wrinkles. For instance, a comedian who make faces to make people laugh, may likely have wrinkles on the part of the face where the movement is made than someone who does not. In the same vein, someone who frowns a lot will develop frown lines earlier than someone who does not. The same for those who smile a lot as they may likely develop smile wrinkles or laugh lines.
The above are some of the causes of premature wrinkling of the skin. Understanding or knowing about these causes is very important as it will help to prevent you from having it, if you haven’t already. If you already have it, it will prevent it from getting worse. My next article will be on how to prevent premature wrinkling of the skin. In the mean time, you can share your thoughts on the above topic.

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