Is The Use Of Straws Part Of What Causes Wrinkles?

 Every now and then we see people whether in parties, parks, public event, occasion and so on, making use of straws. Does the use of straw part of what causes wrinkles? This is exactly what we shall be looking at in this article.
The truth is that the use of straws actually causes wrinkles to develop around the lip area of the mouth. This type of wrinkles is known as lip lines. If you have been following my blog, you will understand what wrinkles are all about. Perhaps, this is my first time of discussing about lip lines. Does straw causes wrinkles.
In recent times, there has been this question about straws and lip lines. The truth is that drinking through straw may not cause wrinkles around the mouth. However, wrinkles can occur when there is repetition of movement. In other words, repetition of movement around the mouth caused as a result of the use of straw will likely increase your chance of having lip lines.
Does straw causes  wrinkles
Does straw causes  wrinkles (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Mind you, someone who uses straws few times a week or one or two times a day should not have course to worry. But, for someone who uses straws several times a day or for more than 25 times everyday stand a chance of having wrinkle developing in the areas around the mouth, and this of course we know is not common.
I know you might be tempted to ask. Why are there not many people with lip lines considering the number of straw users? The truth is that, what causes wrinkles is not by a single factor, several other factors are responsible. For instance, the movement or shape of the mouth when using straw or smoking cigarette is practically the same. But, someone who smokes is at a higher risk of developing wrinkles as compared to someone who uses straws without involving in cigarette smoking. So, you are more likely to develop wrinkles faster when you smoke and use straws as compared to someone who make use of straws only.
Another example is sun’s exposure. Someone who exposes the skin to the sun will likely get lip lines and wrinkles when they make use of straws than someone who do not.
 There are several other factors that could also contribute to the quick development of wrinkles on the lips when you make use of straws. I restricted myself to these two examples as I have write about it in my past articles.
A final note is that for you to be free from lip lines causes by straws or at least prolong it, you must learn how to prevent wrinkles.
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